Refund & Cancellation

If a Student wish to cancel a confirmed enrolment made via the Application, either prior to or after commencement of the Course, refund is not permissible.
 If the online payment gets failed during payment process due to server problem/some technical error, Then payer should have to wait for at least 72 hours to get refund from their respective bank and institute will not
be liable for refund in such case.
 If the payment credited in the institute’s account more than one time from the same payer due to server
error, then excess payment will be refunded from institute’s side.
We shall not be responsible in any case until the course fee paid by student or parent is credited in to the Bank Account of the institute. If credited into our account, the refund policy will be applicable as per the
institute norms.
All dispute pertaining shall fall within the jurisdiction of Jaipur (Rajasthan). The director of the concerning
institute shall be legal person for all such matters.

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